Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Legends of The Coyote

Legends of The Coyote is a book about a southern boy on a quest to seek the riches of life. The setting is the Post-Civil war era where the world has just been turned upside down after the most devastating battles in America history leaving behind destitute families.

The Civil War gave men the opportunity to learn to become survivors and kill anything that stood in the way of living another day. The westward expansion called for men of grit and sand to survive in that hostile territory.

We walk in the deep shadows of this world, while the real world eludes us. Legends regarding coyotes abound in Native American  myths and lure. On a moonless night and under the right circumstance if we are quick enough and pay attention sometimes we get a glimpse of the real world.

Jake Wolf was a young boy when all his family died in tragic events during and after the Civil War. A wartime friend accompanied Jake on his journey and despite his mother's bibilical influence he lead a troubled life where misery and sorry seem to claim his poor wretched soul.

Outlaws rule in a lawless territory terrifying the countryside and then retreat to an desolate land so bad neither the United States or Mexico claim. A land sewn in myths that are so bad it gives grown men nightmares. Even the Indians refuse to hunt in this territory for fear of the mysterious shroud that veils the broken landscape there.

In search of unknown family and fortune Jake takes place in a famous gun battle amid the worst elements of land and men in a territory that insights fear.

This is the story about how a young southern boy finds a new life and new name; this is the chronicles of Sagebrush Coyote.

Will there be a sequel? Stay tuned to see.


“I immediately bought the book, and have not been disappointed. It is an interesting, well written story. I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in the old west.”

“Really liked how he made his character grow from a drifter and outlaw, to a respected Texas Ranger and ranch owner.”

“My copy arrived in the Saturday afternoon mail. Started reading and had to be reminded it's time for bed, up early and finished it before breakfast. Needless to say it was a page turner. Anyone that grew up with cowboys as their heroes will love this book. It's better than the afternoon movies I saw a youngster. It was wonderful to meet characters that I know, that were a big bonus. If you are still a cowboy/girl at heart, I suggest this be put on your reading list.”

“Engaging trip back to the old west, sprinkled with enough humor and heart tugs to appeal to male and female readers alike.”